Hope English School is a Not-For-Profit Community Interest Company.

We could not exist without the generosity of volunteers and donors. Any amount will be greatly appreciated, and be a huge help to the work we are doing.  

 If you would like to give financially to the work of Hope English School here's what your money could achieve.


£25- Provide ringbinders For our students 

To help our students keep their notes in order we provide them with their own ringbinder. It costs £25 to provide a whole class with a ringbinder each.


£30 - paper for a term 

It costs £30 to buy enough paper to print our student’s worksheets and other class resources for a whole term.



Our classes require an ESOL resource book to support both teachers and students in completing their courses. At £35 each they are an expensive but necessary purchase.


£350 - Sponsor our children

We want to ensure that our students’ children receive the highest level of care during class, freeing their parent to learn. £350 will pay for our specialist run, creche services for a whole half term.  


You can give any of these amounts, or an amount of your choice, here:


Thank you


If you would like to give regularly or give in a different way, please fill out this form, and we will contact you to set up a regular donation.

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