Spring 2019 Newsletter


We ended 2018 after a really busy Autumn term. We were teaching 10 classes per week (our highest ever!) and a total of 55 students passed through our courses.  
2019 has already got off to a great start as we have had our first ever grant application approved! 
Due to current funding changes we are teaching fewer classes, and as a result are able to really reflect on and consolidate our work.  Having a bit more time enables Katy and Anna to concentrate on growing Hope English School in a sustainable way and also gives them the time to apply for charitable status.



We are delighted to share with you some of our "Good News Stories" from the last few months...


One of the women who was a student with us last year is now volunteering as a teaching assistant in one of our lower level classes. As well as gaining valuable work experience she is able to help us out by acting as an interpreter.  She was such a dedicated and hardworking student, we are sure she is going to be fantastic in her new role as assistant!

Another of our lovely students started in our classes way back in 2016 and has been coming ever since. Sadly due to her legal status, despite completing the course she was unable to sit her exam.  We have recently found out that her legal status has changed now and as a result she has now been assigned a student liaison officer who will help her to not only get on a more advanced English course but will also support her to apply for a vocational course at Sheffield college! This ambitious lady is such a great example of how hard our students work and how learning English allows them to start to change their own circumstances, we are so proud of her!

Anna bumped into another of our ex-students on the tram and couldn't believe the transformation in her since the last time they met.  This lady has now got a job and was positively glowing as she made her way to work! She was a committed and dedicated student and as a result we were able to provide her with a great reference for her new employer. 



snowdrop games.jpg

We have recently received some generous one off donations from our supporters!
Some of the money has been used to buy games and supplies to help support some of our learners in the conversation club we run at the Snowdrop Project, an organisation who provide long term support to survivors of human trafficking.
Would you be interested in supporting Hope English School financially? Visit the GIVE section of our website and see what your money could be used for!




Our fabulous fundraising volunteer Christie has been very busy applying to various organisations for grants to help us in funding Hope English School. We are delighted to reveal that she had her first successful application and we have been awarded £1900 for resources to help us run our classes more easily! We are looking forward to purchasing our own printer and some lovely new stationary and workbooks for our students, amongst many other things.



Did you know that our book ‘Recipes of Hope’ is still available to buy on our website or from:


Good Taste - The Sheffield Fair Trade Shop

Oxfam (In Broomhill)

New Roots 

The Cathedral Gift Shop

Thank You all so much for your ongoing support of Hope English School, we are so grateful for all the ways you help us to provide education and hope to so many refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants. It really does make a huge difference!