Could you Live on £36.95 for one week? 

Live like an Asylum Seeker.png

This is the reality for thousands of Asylum Seekers across the UK. Forbidden to work, their only means of support is the government-set asylum seekers’ allowance of £36.95. At 51% of job-seekers allowance, this makes life incredibly hard.

Join us in our Live like an Asylum Seeker campaign as we raise awareness of the inadequacy of support for asylum seekers here in the UK by living for one week on Asylum Seeker’s Allowance.

For one week, from the 4th to the 10th February, we are challenging you to live on £36.95. This will cover everything except rent, utilities bills and council tax.

This challenge will stretch you, and help you to understand the tough decisions that asylum seekers have to make every day.
“Do I have enough money to buy the food I need?”
“Can I afford to send my daughter on a school trip?”
“How can I get to the places I need to go?”

So will you join us? 

Sign up online and check out our Facebook event!
You can also support us on our GoFundMe page.

You can also download our resource pack for ideas and inspiration for the week. 

The money raised from our campaign will go towards the work of Hope English School in providing ESOL classes for asylum seekers and refugees.

We are not trying to replicate the situations or conditions of Asylum Seekers in the UK, but instead to change people’s perspectives and deepen understanding of the choices and challenges faced when forbidden to work and restricted to living on asylum seeker allowance.