Hope stirred, potential released


 It's always so encouraging when we see the fruit of our work. Recently, we have been reminded of how powerful and significant English teaching can be in empowering people to step out.

One of our partners is the Snowdrop Project, which works with survivors of human trafficking to provide them with the support and help they need. We have seen a huge increase in enthusiasm for English classes since starting teaching there and now have a waiting list for classes! 

A year ago, one of our Snowdrop pupils, Sofia* started to help to teach in these classes, which is an incredible success story, for both her and us! 

It's so amazing to see transformation take place in our pupils as they gain confidence in English and are affirmed in the talents and potential they have. Sofia has gained so much confidence over the past year and now leads the classes, with minimal help from our Hope English teacher. She is also constantly wanting to improve, and pushes her pupils to realise their skills and abilities in English 

Teaching English has not only helped Sofia to gain confidence, but it also gives her a sense of purpose and importance in life; she loves to be able to put her children to bed and plan a lesson. Having this opportunity has also given Sofia hope for the future. To be able to demonstrate that she is motivated, skilled, and proactive could be invaluable to her when she comes to obtain refugee status. 

Sofia's story does not end with just her, either. As her pupils, and the the people around her, see the change that learning English and being able to use her skills and stretch herself has brought, they can be inspired and encouraged by what they can achieve. 

It is such a privilege to teach and empower these incredible ladies, and we hope that we can see more hope, more dreams and more changed lives through English learning. 

To find out more about the Snowdrop Project, you can go to their website here

*name changed